SoundBot Premium Dual 4 Piece Magnetic Eyelashes w/ Tweezers

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SoundBot Premium Dual Magnetic Luscious Eyelashes, Ultra Thin Magnet Natural-looking Glue-free Light-weight Easy-to-wear Reusable 4 Piece Eyelashes with Mirror Case, Applicator, and Tweezers MBL01

PREMIUM NATURAL BEAUTY - These dual magnetic luscious premium ultra thin reusable magnet eyelashes are easy & convenient to wear with the innovative ultra thin magnet design that provides a strong long lasting, glue-free and natural looking eyelash to make your eyes look bright, beautiful, lifted, and attractive! The easy-to-wear magnetic eyelashes come with ultra thin secure magnets, a portable mirror and an appropriate tweezer applicator that can help apply the lashes quickly and accurately. 

REUSABLE AND CLEANABLE - The premium ultra thin magnetic luscious eyelashes are reusable and can be used again and again to provide the same beautiful and flawless look each time! Easily clean off the lashes from any makeup or other residue with a moist towelette without harming the quality or attractiveness of each eyelash. The magnets allow for a painless, irritation-free and mess-free experience with applying and taking off each lash so they can be stored and reused for another occasion. 

CONVENIENT EYELASH APPLICATOR - The 4 piece reusable extremely beautiful magnetic eyelash package comes with a portable easy-to-use tweezer applicator that can help you put on the eyelashes within a few seconds. The package also provides a makeup mirror attached to the box case so you can apply or replace these lashes quickly and comfortably in any environment or occasion you can think of. Use the provided tweezers to curl or adjust the eyelashes to however you like to match the look you want.

BEAUTY FOR ANY OCCASION - Whether you are going to work, hanging out with friends, or attending a party these dual magnetic premium eyelashes will brighten your eyes and perfectly compliment your eyeliner or other face makeup. The lashes are sweatproof, waterproof and wind resistant so they can handle anything from a casual house family gathering to a loud rowdy music concert with a lot of movement without falling off or losing it's sturdiness from all the movement and can still be reused again

IRRITATION-FREE - Beauty does not need to be painful especially with these luscious super thin magnet eyelashes that can be easily applied with no messy glues or adhesives and provide a perfectly natural looking eye that is ready for any occasion or outing. Taking off the lashes may cause eye irritation or seem to be a hassle for other false eyelash kits, however these magnetic eyelashes can be taken off effortlessly and quickly without using any makeup remover products or causing any pain.



NATURAL LOOKING BEAUTY: These eyelashes are made with premium long lasting fibers that lift and produce luscious and strong eyelashes with a natural, beautiful look. The strong magnetic forces allow for each eyelash to stay secure and in place no matter what situation and environment you are in. 

EASY TO APPLY: Quickly and conveniently apply the eyelashes without messy glues or adhesives. The applicator tweezers include with the eyelash bundle kit allows for increased precision when applying the lashes and can help produce extra lift for each eyelash. Within a few seconds, you can apply and take off the eyelashes without any irritation to the eye.

CLEAN AND REUSABLE: The dual magnetic eyelashes can be easily cleaned by using a moist towelette to clean off any makeup or excess residue. Once these eyelashes are clean, preserve them in your eyelash mirror case to be reused for another occasion! No matter which party, concert, date, family gathering, or other events you may attend, these premium beautiful eyelashes will be ready to use and add a perfect touch to your makeup!

GREAT STYLE AND COMFORT: Each magnetic eyelash is comfortable to attach and wear and can fit all eye shapes to match any style and finish a perfect makeup look. The color of the eyelash does not fade and creates a perfect natural looking lifted eyelash for any individual.

AMAZING SPECIAL GIFT: This premium dual magnetic eyelash kit acts as a perfect gift for makeup lovers, daughters, moms, or anyone! The beautifully designed package and the long lasting lashes make for an amazing gift that anyone is sure to love and use!


In The Box:

- 4 Premium Synthetic Magnetic Eyelashes

- 1 Eyelash Box with Mirror Attached

- 1 Stylish Tweezer/Applicator


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