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SoundBot 3.5mm AUX Bluetooth Receiver Adapter Dongle Universal Compatibility to Stream Music from ANY Bluetooth Wireless Enabled Player Device to Home / Car Audio Speaker System w/ 3.5mm Audio-In Port

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  • INSTANT TRANSFORMATION -  Why throw away your favorite wired acoustic systems when they are working just the way you wanted? Here is a solution with a small investment for big savings! SB343 turns the non-wireless car speaker system, classic stereo speakers, wired headphones/earphones, docking station, or home stereo into Bluetooth enabled devices to allow full spectrum crystal clear wireless music streaming from mobile phones, Android smartphones, iPhone, tablets, iPad, computer, laptop, TV, and all other music players ..etc. 
  • CONTINUOUS PLAY, NO BATTERY OR RECHARGING REQUIRED - Equipped with built-in USB adapter cable to connect this Bluetooth receiver directly to the USB power source without any interruptions during playback and the need to recharge any batteries at up to 33 feet distance with free line of sights. 
  • MODERN, CONCISE, PORTABILITY DESIGN - 1 foot (when extension cable is not used) cable length connects 3.5mm jack on one end right directly to the power source (USB port is REQUIRED in order to use SB343) on the other end of the cable to offer maximum portability and space without unnecessary lengthy and tangling wires. Comes with free 3 feet extension cable to increase the total length to 4 feet 
  • PLUG AND PLAY - NO BUTTON TO CONTROL - Enters the pairing mode automatically.  Once the Bluetooth enabled player device is paired, the receiver will be always-on for continuous music streaming as long as USB power source is on. UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - forward and backward compatible to all forward and backward generations Bluetooth standard enabled devices. 
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Including 100% risk-free & hassle-free warranty to offer you peace of mind for purchases made from authorized dealers. 18 extended warranty program available with valid product registration. 

Product Description

SoundBot SB343 3.5mm AUX Bluetooth Receiver Adapter Dongle, Universal Compatibility to Stream Music from ANY Bluetooth Wireless Enabled Music Players to Home / Car Audio Speaker System w/ 3.5mm Audio-In Port

  • Instant solutions to turn car stereo / home audio system into Bluetooth wireless environment for continuous music streaming on mobile devices
  • Only 1 foot in length when used without extension cable
  • Free 3 feet extension cable included to increase the total applicable length to 4 feet
  • Concise design to avoid cable tanglings
  • Universal compatibility to stream music from any Bluetooth enabled devices
  • No battery is required, connect one side to USB power source and the other side directly to 3.5mm jack
  • Forward and backward compatible with all generations of Bluetooth standard
  • No battery is required, SoundBot SB343 Bluetooth wireless receiver adapter dongle with 3.5mm AUX cable built-in  allows music streaming Music from ANY Bluetooth Wireless Enabled Device to Home / Car Audio Speaker System by using the 3.5mm jack port


  • Main unit length: 11.12 inches (~ 1 foot)
  • Extension cable length: 39.37 inches (~ 3 feet)
  • Total length when extension cable is installed: 50.49 inches (~ 4 feet)

Support & Warranty:

  • Email between 9am-6pm PST will be answered within 24 business hours
  • 100% risk-free 1 year manufacturer warranty included for purchase made from authorized resellers.

What's in the box

  • SoundBot SB343 Bluetooth Audio Receiver
  • 3.5mm Extension Cable
  • SB343 user guide

Model, Color Option and UPC

817338020446 SB343 Black


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