PowerBot® PB510 5.1A (2.1A + 2A + 1A) High Performance 3-Port Smart Car Charger

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PowerBot® PB510 5.1A 25W (2.1A + 2A + 1A) Ultra High-Performance Portable 3 Port Smart Car Charger Travel Rapid Charger High-Speed USB Cigarette Lighter Socket Port Adapter w/ SmartIC Sharing Technology for Tablets, Android, Smartphones, iPhone 6, 6 Plus iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhones, iPad Mini/Air, iPod Touch/Nano, Samsung Galaxy / Note, Google, Nexus, Motorola, Nokia, and More, Silver

THREE FAST CHARGING PORTS: The PowerBot Ultra High-Performance Portable Smart Car travel socket charger is built with 3 USB ports that all feature high speed fast charging available to charge tablets, smartphones, or any other smart devices on the go! Save time and preserve the battery life of any handheld media device with this 25W 5.1A cigarette lighter socket rapid charger. Conveniently charge a multiple completely dead devices at 0% to a usable 50% battery range within minutes of charging!

SMART CHARGING TECHNOLOGY: The triple fast charging high performance travel socket charger is built in with SmartIC intelligent technology on all 3 ports to identify the current required for each device and effectively distribute and maintain the power needed to charge each device efficiently. The compact charger is equipped with anti-oxidation aluminum pull tab designs to avoid and guard interference with radio frequencies, wireless connections, and/or Bluetooth connectivity while charging.

ULTRA COMPACT DESIGN: Even with three fast charging ports attached, this high speed charger is uniquely design to stay compact and be easy to travel with where-ever you decide to go. Weighing less than 3 ounces, this charger can pack a punch to deliver high quality charging levels while dispensing the minimum amount of energy from your car to charge every one of your devices. The eco friendly design also helps to indicate when devices are fully charged or when the charger is on sleep mode.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: The energy conservation portable smart travel charger is universally compatible and can charge any iOS or Android device including your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Google Nexus, HTC, Smart Digital Camera Devices, MP3 players, GPS, PDAs or any other electrical device with a 5V input. Charge your devices while still using navigation or music streaming apps without overheating the charging port or your device as well as keeping the charging cable safe.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: The PowerBot fast charging smart portable high performance charger is equipped with CE & FCC certified smart circuit design helps prevent the devices from overcharging, over heating, short circuit, and over discharge to keep you and your device safe while delivering maximum performance. The gold plated circuit suppressed heat generation to further ensure that over heating and overcharging will not be a problem. The safety and satisfaction of our customers are highly valued!


  • The most powerful and ultra high performance car charger with high-speed triple USB port that is able to charge 3 tablets simultaneously at full speed efficiently to save time and preserve the battery life of the media devices. 
  • Built-in SmartIC intelligent technology on all 3 ports to identify the current required and deliver the most effective charging current possible to each attached device with minimum effort and maximum performance. 
  • CE & FCC certified smart circuit design to prevent the devices from overcharge, over heating, short circuit, & over discharge.  Anti-oxidation aluminum pull tab design avoids interference with radio frequencies, wireless connections, and/or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Universal USB 5V port with total of 5.1A 25W output that will automatically select the most efficient charging current for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, HTC, Android Smartphone, MP3 players, Digital Cameras, GPS, PDAs and all other digital devices with 5V input
  • Eco friendly energy conservation design with sleep mode and LED indicator light.


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  • PowerBot® PB510 5.1A (2.1A + 2A + 1A) 3-Port Smart Car Charger

PowerBot® PB510 & color options

617629991864 PB510-SLV/BLK-E Silver on Black Eco-Friendly Package




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